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    One of Robert’s local clients purchased an older 20 story Chicago office building in desperate need of a complete mechanical systems upgrade. Current codes and existing tenant requirements were of primary importance. Robert’s mission was to design a system that would take up the minimal leasable square footage, not disturb existing tenants, be expandable in the future, flexible to future tenant requirements, and cost competitive.

    The Robert’s Design Team surveyed the building, researched building standard requirements using the brokerage and marketing group, verified the usable existing equipment, and proceeded to develop a plan.

    The Team deduced the best option for the property was to use a corner of the building facing the ally for a new mechanical room on each floor. The plan advocated the reuse of existing building tower water risers, replacement of the old cooling tower, installation of new custom made vertical package VAV water cooled HVAC units with DDC controls and running the main ductwork down the corridor so the existing tenants would not be disturbed.

    The most daunting challenge for the Robert’s Team was how to set all the equipment in the building when it was located in the heart of the City or Chicago. The Team created an intricate plan with the City of Chicago, the Building Management, the existing tenants, and the neighboring buildings. The iconically busy Madison Street would be closed over the course of one weekend to hoist all the equipment into the building. Making such a time frame would require multiple cranes working together, fleets of semi trucks filled with equipment, window removal, replacement ramps, crowd control and specially designed lifting cages. Over the course of the long weekend the Robert’s Team orchestrated the entire job and completed the complicated task.

    The project was such a success the building was shortly leased to over 90%.