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    A local client came to Roberts with a major problem at an out of state facility. The building’s two 1,500 ton chillers were in extremely poor condition and needed to be replaced. With the two machines located on the opposite side of the building from the street access and on the 20th floor of the building the local manufacture rep’s, consulting firms and contractors said the only solution was to rebuild the existing inefficient machines.

    A Roberts team surveyed the building and developed a game plan to replace the chillers with new energy efficient machines that would match the varied loads of the building. The installation would include two 1,200 ton machines that would lead/lag in the summer months and one 500 ton machine that would be used in the changeover months of spring and fall. Not only did the building receive energy efficient machines that have a useful life of 25 – 30 years a significant amount of energy savings was realized each year.

    • Structural analysis of the floor the machines would travel across
    • Meetings with the city for street capacities and closures
    • Demo of the old machines in pieces that can be removed in the elevators
    • Planking and plating the route of the chiller path
    • Removal of the side of the building
    • Splitting the chiller in smaller components to fit the travel path
    • Fabrication of jigs to move the components
    • Closing the street, assemble the crane and hoisting all equipment over a weekend
    • Having the chiller plant back on line before spring


M&J Wilkow LTD

Dear Jim:

We would be pleased to provide a reference for Roberts Environmental Control Corp. based on the project recently completed at the National City Tower in Louisville Kentucky. Retrofitting the chillers in a 40 story hi rise was certainly no simple task. At least one local engineering firm thought it was logistically impossible to place the new equipment in the building. However, Roberts vast experience with such projects made the task relatively painless for us. From concept to final punch, your company was excellent to work with. So as I sit here writing this letter on a 94 degree day in my 72 degree office, i can easily say Job Well Done! .

As a side note about the performance of the new machines, we've been able to cool the Tower adequately with only one 1200 ton machine. For comparison, with our old 1500 ton chillers we would have to either run two in tandem the second half of the day or allowed the office temperatures to creep into the upper 70's by days end. We do not yet have sufficient data to calculate energy savings however, given the use of only one machine and the ramp loading compressor motors, it has to be significant.


NCT Louisville, LLC,

By: M&J Wilkow, LTD., its managing partner.