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    One of the Robert's satisfied customers referred us to a new client with a major problem. The client’s 500,000 square foot warehouse, which employs 100 workers, had a huge issue. The temperature in the warehouse frequently rose to over 105 degrees and maintained that temperature for long periods of time. With high bay storage and the picking of many small items; the high temperature issue multiplied the higher a worker went. The situation was causing employee fatigue and many health issues.

    The Roberts Team surveyed the building and found not one, but multiple issues causing the heat problems in the warehouse. The roof had 12 inches of insulation, the lighting produced over 2 million BTU’s and the current ventilation consisted of few code mandated roof fans. This warehouse was very typical of spec warehouse facility.

    Our team designed an economical custom ventilation system that would change the air flow in the warehouse every 20 minutes. This was accomplished with filtered roof supply fans mounted over the door bays and exhaust fans on the other side of the building. The filtered supply fans successfully kept the dust from blowing in the multitude of garage doors and the roof exhaust fans pulled the elevated heat from the ceiling. With the new Roberts system up and running, the building was able to maintain a workable temperature around the changing Midwest outdoor air temperature.

    The Roberts Team design was such a success it became the standard for this company’s warehouse operations throughout the country.